Starting a Mosquito Spraying Business is a Massive Opportunity


A lawn care service can do much more than just take care of the lawn itself. There are other outdoor care services you can provide to your customers, which can be beneficial to both you and them. One of the best services you can offer your customers is mosquito control. Not only is it appealing and beneficial to them, it’s also a good way to grow your business.

The Benefits of Mosquito Control

Starting a mosquito-spraying business or adding a mosquito-spraying service to your existing business is a boon to both you and your customers. Mosquitoes are both an annoyance for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors during the warmer seasons and a serious health risk. Mosquitoes are known carriers of a variety of diseases, which pose a direct threat to the wellbeing of your customers. Providing control services will allow your customers to enjoy the yards that you’re helping them maintain and keep them safe from mosquito-borne illnesses.

It’s not just your customers who benefit, either. Providing a mosquito-spraying service adds an additional revenue stream to your company that could prove to be robust. Market research shows the global mosquito control market was valued at $793.25 million by 2021 and is projected to reach $1,431,900,000 by 2027. Opening a mosquito-spraying business or adding it to your already established venture will let you join this growing market. It will also expand your appeal to your local markets, enabling you to provide protection against a known danger to public health, which is an important community service.

Getting Started

Whether you’re starting a new mosquito-spraying business or adding it to your existing enterprise, you want to make sure you check all the boxes on the to-do list for starting a business. These requirements can vary between states, and even between local governments, so be sure to check with your Secretary of State’s office and local government to find out their regulations for mosquito control.

Most states and local governments require a business license to operate any sort of commercial business, so make sure you have one before you start operating. You should also check for any training and testing requirements for handling hazardous chemicals. Some states require testing and certification to operate any form of pest control service, including mosquito control.

In addition to the necessary licenses and paperwork, you also need the right equipment for the job. Commercial mosquito control takes more than a few cans of bug spray and a fly swatter. Handheld sprayers or small wand sprayers might be suitable for small properties, but for most exterior property, backpack sprayers will be your best bet. If you want to provide service to larger customers, such as commercial businesses, you can invest in a several-hundred-gallon tank sprayer, with long hoses to cover large distances. Finally, make sure you have the proper protective gear for your employees.

Join the GrassRoots Turf franchise family

At GrassRoots Turf, we welcome the opportunity to have you on our team! We’re a lawn care franchise that offers among our services mosquito control of the same quality as a pest control franchise. As a franchisee, you’ll have a steady revenue stream, courtesy of our unique monthly billing model. We also offer exclusive territories, based on population, in addition to marketing and sales support, management tools, purchasing power, and more. We’re looking for enterprising entrepreneurs like you with a drive to succeed, the ability to follow our proven business model, strong sales and customer service skills, time management skills and high personal standards. Request more info today on how you can start your own GrassRoots Turf franchise.

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