Outdoor Franchises: Opportunities to Explore

Outdoor Franchises: Opportunities to Explore

If you find yourself getting tired of spending your workdays cooped up in an office working for somebody else, you may be ready to take the step from employee to business owner. You may also want to own a business that’s more than just office work; maybe you want a business that will get you out in the fresh air and sun. Are there any such business opportunities?  There certainly are!

The Benefits of Working Outside

There are a variety of outdoor franchise opportunities that would allow you to leave the desk job behind where you are pushing paper and staring at a screen all day long. If you want to spend more time in the great outdoors, and not just for a change of pace, choosing a line of work that’s outdoors could be the way to go.

Working outdoors has been shown to greatly reduce work-related stress, according to the National Institutes of Health. The environment is much more relaxed and contributes to relieving anxiety through a sense of being less confined. Being outdoors has also been shown to help people with several physical conditions, such as easing inflammation problems and helping improve their sleep/wake cycle.

A Career as Close as the Yard

There are certain characteristics that make a business a solid investment. For example, it should be something that you have an interest in doing every day, it should be profitable enough for you, and it should fit your lifestyle. If working outdoors is something you’re eager to do, then a lawn care franchise may be the best outdoor franchise for you to consider.

There are many benefits to owning this type of outdoor franchise.

Lawn care franchises allow for flexible work hours so you can tailor your schedule to fit your customer’s needs along with your personal life, creating a healthy work-life balance. Lawn care franchises are also good sources of steady income as grass, trees, bushes, and other vegetation need regular care and maintenance. With lawn care, your business isn’t about providing a one-time service, or a service that’s only needed on rare occasions or in emergencies. This means you can create good repeat business from satisfied customers, which can in turn lead to positive word-of-mouth promotion of your business.

While the old saying “You have to spend money to make money” is often true, nobody wants to have to break the bank just to get started in a business. Fortunately, franchising experts say lawn and garden franchises are among the most affordable, with most requiring only $100,000 – $200,000 as a startup investment. There are also savings to be found in your initial equipment purchases, as many lawn equipment vendors are willing to offer business discounts to professional customers.

Finally, lawn care franchises are flexible not only in their work hours but also in the services they can offer. Part of what allows these franchises to operate year-round, including outside the regular growing seasons, is providing additional services beyond fertilizing the grass and vegetation. Additional services that many lawn care businesses often offer include snow shoveling, snow plowing, raking leaves, and mosquito control.

Additional Opportunities to be Outdoors

If yard work isn’t your thing, there are other franchise opportunities that allow you to be outdoors. Some of these include:

  • Food trucks. This is a franchise where you own and operate as a mobile food vendor.
  • Pool services. Franchisees provide pool customers with maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for outdoor pools.
  • Outdoor athletics. These types of franchises rent outdoor athletic equipment or provide outdoor facilities for athletic training and events and provide other similar services.
  • A camping franchise can be one that rents tents or campers, or you could own a franchised campground. There can also be work in maintaining camping equipment and grounds as well as offering services like guided nature tours.
  • Outdoor home improvement. Franchisees provide services like window cleaning, roof repair, gutter cleaning, repair and installation, exterior surface cleaning, and other related services.

Start Your Outdoor Franchise with GrassRoots Turf

At GrassRoots Turf, we are pleased to provide enterprising businesspeople like you with the opportunity to start your own outdoor business. We are a lawn care franchise with a business model that provides our franchisees with a steady monthly cash flow. We also provide our franchisees with training and support services, including marketing and sales programs, extensive purchasing power, and smart business management tools.

As a GrassRoots Turf franchisee, you’ll offer customers a variety of services – including mosquito control, weed control, tree and shrub care and liquid aeration – which will provide you with multiple revenue streams, thereby increasing the opportunities to build your profit margins.

Contact us today to find out more about franchising with GrassRoots Turf!


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