Lawn Care Marketing: How to Market a Lawn Care Business


No business can exist without customers or clients. As a business owner, one of your most important responsibilities is to bring in people to patronize your business. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but while marketing a lawn care business is a challenging task, it’s not an impossible one.

Know Your Target Market

One of the first steps in lawn care marketing is knowing who you want to serve. There’s a variety of different clients you can choose to focus on, but those that have proven profitable in the lawn care industry include the following:

• Multi-family residential communities (i.e., apartment complexes, rental duplexes/triplexes/quadplexes, and gated communities)
• Hotels, motels, and resorts
• Malls, restaurants, and shopping centers
• Commercial office buildings

Businesses or residential establishments like these place a high value on the appearance of their property. It helps them attract customers or residents of their own, so they’re willing to pay for regular maintenance and care.

Internet Marketing Methods

When potential customers are actively seeking a particular type of service, the internet is the first place they go to do their research, so a good online presence will help your lawn care marketing efforts immensely.

Google Business Profiles

Creating a Google business profile will help your business gain attention from people using one of the most popular search engines. It will provide clients with important at-a-glance information, including your name, logo, contact information, and address of your nearest location.

Social Media Accounts

Many clients choose their services via word-of-mouth, and social media is how word-of-mouth is spread the fastest. Creating a social media profile for your business helps promote your service and makes it easier for existing clients to direct others on social media to your business.

Digital Ads

Another form of marketing that makes the most of search engines, digital ads can be optimized to appear as high up on a client’s search engine results as possible. You can also have ads placed on other platforms, including social media.

Business Websites

The best way to provide comprehensive information about your business is with your own website. Make sure the information is presented in concise, easily digested bites, and include the essentials, like a list of your services, contact information, and price estimates.

Client Reviews and Referrals

While it never hurts to advertise, people looking for a service tend to trust the word of existing clients more than paid advertising. You can encourage clients to review your service online by providing a space on your website for clients’ reviews, as well as having a referral program.

Email Campaigns

Get a list of your clients’ contact information and send them notices of special deals or reminders of your services to encourage repeat business. You can also arrange for emails to go out for specific events, like business milestones, or important occasions, like the start of the spring growing season.

Offline Marketing Methods

In addition to online marketing, more traditional, offline methods of lawn care marketing are still effective, especially when appealing to the local markets. Some clients prefer to support businesses in their local areas, so you should consider these methods to reach them.


Posting flyers is a good way to focus your marketing efforts in a particular neighborhood that you want to reach. They’re also easy ways to make the most of working relationships with other local businesses.

Local Publications

Purchasing ad space in local newspapers and magazines can be an effective way to reach people who focus their service searching to their home town or nearby towns. It also helps support local publications by providing ad revenue.

Sandwich Boards/Lawn Signs

Finally, if a client gives you permission, you can put up sandwich boards or lawn signs while on the job site at their property. This will help draw attention to the results of your work, especially if your client allows you to leave the sign up for an extended period while their lawn treatment sets in.

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