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Josh Wise Founder of Grassroots turf

Josh Wise was recently interviewed by the NALP in their Level Up series.

Josh started out mowing lawns when he was 14, with his father driving him around on his off days. Now he is the CEO of GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Inc., based in Acworth, Georgia. The company brings in annual revenue of $5.2 million and serves mostly residential clients providing turf management services.

Growth Through Lawn Care Franchises

GrassRoots has 10 franchises in Georgia, North Carolina, and Mississippi. Wise says he started researching the franchise concept in 2018 and their first franchise location opened in October 2019.

“We have always had steady growth, however the last two years we have doubled the size of our business,” Wise says. “This is partly from franchising the company and going from one location to 10. We have 6 more about to open and expect for crazy growth again in 2022.”

Wise wants to have 100 locations in operation by 2028. He says he opted to franchise because he wanted to expand their brand and franchising would allow it to happen faster than just focusing on corporate locations.

“We handle the inbound calls for all of our locations and are able to control the customer experience for the brand,” Wise says. “This is key in making sure that the end-user experience is similar across the entire company. Having individual owners over each location is also key in controlling the quality of the brand.”

Keys to Success

GrassRoots has been experiencing a sudden growth period since the spring of 2020 and he credits God for his company’s success.

“We are a company surrounded by the Lord and make sure He is a part of every meeting and everything we do,” Wise says. “Without God, none of this would be possible.”

As stated in the article, Josh also points to his team of employees, past and present, for growing the lawn care business.

"Each one of these individuals helps to mold this company and propel it forward," Wise says. "I am thankful for their hard work and dedication to the brand GrassRoots."

Currently, the company has 32 employees company-wide. GrassRoots attracts its employees through word of mouth and Indeed. He does say staffing has been an issue with the growth spurt.

"Finding the right individual and getting them through training and onboard takes time," Wise says. "This is not something a company should rush, so it is key to always plan for these staffing needs and be as prepared as you can be."

Wise says retention has been easy as they take good care of their staff. He has several employees who have been with the business for over ten years and several more who have been with GrassRoots for over five years.

They've maintained their culture by being open and honest with their staff as they've grown. They host weekly meetings and sometimes surprise their team with breakfast or a catered lunch. They rent out places and take their team on bowling outings, water park adventures, and even Braves games.

"I am confident that my staff would tell you GrassRoots is the best place they have worked but not because of the pay or the owner; it is because of the entire team and the family we are together," Wise says. "I take pride in helping others grow, which in return will help the whole company grow."

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