Franchise Training & Support Your Franchisor Should Provide


Starting a franchise and starting a new job, while mostly very different experiences, do have at least one thing in common: you should receive some form of training from your franchisor, as well as some kind of support from them. These elements to starting a franchise are so fundamental to the experience, you’re perfectly reasonable expecting them from your franchisor. Let’s look at what kind of training and support you can expect from a franchisor.

Getting You Started, Keeping You Informed

Franchise training and support starts as soon as you sign on with a franchisor. Most franchisors will provide four types of training for new franchisees like yourself.

  • Pre-Training – This first stage is focused on prep work to get you ready for your formal training. You can expect things like your franchisor providing you with materials like a to-do list and study guides to make sure you have all the materials and arrangements taken care of prior to training.
  • Formal Training – This could be considered the first half of the majority of your training as a franchisee. The franchisor should provide you with a comprehensive training regimen to prepare you for everything expected of you as a franchisee. This intensive training may last over a month, depending on the franchise and the business model. It may include in-person classes held at the brand headquarters, and/or field training.
  • Post-Training – Once the formal training is over and you’ve opened your new franchise location(s), most franchisors don’t just cast you off and dust their hands of you. Franchisors invested in your long-term success will regularly follow up with you during the first several months of operation. They’ll provide advice and guidance while you get your bearings as a franchisee, until you feel confident with your regular duties.
  • Ongoing Training – Every industry evolves over time, and companies, brands, and organizations will adapt and adjust their business models to account for market changes, new technology, and the like. You can expect a franchisor to provide you with ongoing training to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and business practices that apply to your franchise.

Marketing, Tech Support, and More

Franchise training and support doesn’t end with the training. Every business needs support services to keep it running, some of which either come from the franchisor themselves or are arranged for by the franchisor. As a franchisee, you can expect a franchisor to either provide important supplies required to operate their franchise unit(s), or for the franchisor to make the arrangements with a supplier on your behalf.

Marketing and advertising are two services franchisors frequently provide franchisees. You may need to do some local marketing and advertising yourself, but franchisors often provide these services, as well as national-level marketing and advertising. IT/tech support is another service many franchisors will provide you. Lastly, a franchisor may provide you with some administrative support services, such as human resources.

Get the Support You Need From GrassRoots Turf

As one of our new franchisees, you can count on us at GrassRoots Turf to provide you with the franchise training and support you’re looking for. We’ll train you in everything you need to know to follow our proven business model, from tanker truck operation, to our sales system, to GPS routing and scheduling, to business management. We also provide you with operations support, marketing and sales, purchasing power, research and development, and more. Our business model also ensures a steady monthly cash flow through monthly installment billing, which means your franchise income won’t be seasonal. Contact us today and learn more about your franchising opportunity with GrassRoots Turf.



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