6 Outdoor Business Ideas in High Demand for 2023


There’s a job, a business, and an industry that’s right for each person, and for some that’s something outdoors. Not everybody’s meant for an office job, even if they own and operate their own business. If you’re looking for a business to start that won’t leave you stuck indoors all day, then you’ve got plenty of options to consider for your career path.

Landscaping and Lawn Care – a Growing Service

When looking at outdoor business ideas, don’t overlook improving and maintaining lawns and landscapes. Market research has shown that landscaping services in the U.S. have been growing steadily in market value for several years. From a $74 billion market in 2012, landscaping has grown steadily to $128.8 billion in 2022.

You may be wondering why these services have been growing. Part of the reason is the customer base. Landscaping and lawn care serve both residential and commercial clients, with higher income households (those making $100,000 or more) being their primary residential clientele. These households are expected to increase in number in the near future, according to IBISWorld. On the commercial side of the market, practically all construction projects require landscaping, and businesses need people to maintain their property, making landscaping and lawn care services more in demand.

More than Mowing

Going with landscaping and lawn care as your outdoor business idea means more than just cutting the grass. Your landscaping/lawn care business can offer multiple services, which helps keep it in demand no matter what sort of greenery your potential clients have. While mowing is one of the core services offered, you can also offer lawn fertilizing, weed control, tree care, hedge trimming, flower care, irrigation system maintenance and repair, pest control, and mulch spreading. The more options and services you can offer your clients, the more customers you can bring in as your business spreads its roots.

Keeping it Clean

If you don’t have a green thumb, there are other outdoor business ideas you can try. One that’s in a similar vein to landscaping and lawn care is exterior cleaning. The pandemic lead to more people spending increased time at home, and other recent events have resulted in people investing more in the maintenance and upkeep of their houses and business property. Like landscaping and lawn care, exterior cleaning allows you to offer a variety of services, from pressure washing to window cleaning to roof and gutter maintenance.

Buildings and walkways aren’t the only outdoor things that need a good scrub regularly. Mobile car washing services are a simple business model to adopt, with a flexible schedule that allows you to set appointments with clients, rather than be shackled to regular business hours.

Out and About

If you’re looking for a business in the leisure market, there are several outdoor options there as well. Tour guide services are a good fit for people knowledgeable about their local area’s history and landmarks, or who are willing to learn about them. These services can take the form of nature hikes, walking or biking tours, or motorized tours. For those who like to get out into the wilderness, guided hikes and backpacking tours are also an option.

A few final ideas include:

  • A dog-walking service
  • A drone photography/video service
  • A food truck service

Work in the Great Outdoors with GrassRoots Turf

Landscaping and lawncare is a great way to provide a valued and in-demand service to your community and grow a successful business working outdoors. And GrassRoots Turf is a great franchise to join to get into the industry. We’re a family-owned lawn care franchise with 20 years of experience. We provide you with training, franchisor support, and a billing model that provides steading monthly income. To learn more about this franchising opportunity, contact us today!


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